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Best of the Underground 2015

Well boys and girls, the time has finally come to bust out your finest Tequila and wave goodbye to all the mistakes you made in 2015 as to make room for all the new mistakes you’ll make in 2016. We here at TMF would hate to send you out without some killer tunes to keep the festivities going so we’ve compiled the top 5 bands we covered in 2015. Here’s to you, here’s to one hell of a year, and here’s to the Underground!!




Considering these cat’s were the last to get covered before everyone went on vacation, they made the biggest impact with our staff. Here’s what we had to say…

“Pronostic, have managed to fuse together both technical and progressive Death Metal attitudes with bone chilling tones and magnificent peaks and crevasses resulting in an album that will blood eagle your soul with its intensity, and then place a single rose at your feet as the vultures pick at your rotting carcass.”

Damn.. Maybe we got a little to descriptive with this one? You can check out the full review and check out the band using the links below.

Full Article: HERE

Have a Listen: HERE


Coming in at an extremely close second was a band we covered on a guest spot for Metal Temple, Decimatus. It almost hurts putting these Aussie natives any less than second, but hey, this is why we get paid the big bucks, right?

“There is not one weak link in the chain with DECIMATUS. Power, groove, technique, stamina, and the ability to make this journalist smile for an entire album are just a few of the reasons, “Catalyst For Rage”, is my early front runner for album of the year. Now, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, give me the horns and get yourself back in that pit.”

Full Article: HERE

Have a listen: HERE



Thrash, Thrash,and just for good measure, some more Thrash. Would you expect anything less out of good ol’ California? This album was a re-realease but one worthy of takin our middle spot in the countdown. Here’s a little taste of why…

“Close your eyes and picture, if you will, Slayer and Exodus having a musical baby. Got it? GREAT! Now imagine Obituary and Ascendancy era Trivium have a musical child of their own. These two babies grow up together, they fall in love with one another, then during a night of sweat whips and passion, the condom breaks. The ensuing serial killer, i mean… baby, with its sweet guitar licks and unstoppable double bass would get you in the ballpark of the absolute madness that is Tormenter.”

Yeah… maybe we should cut back on the visual descriptors just a tad next year…


Full Article: HERE

Have a Listen: HERE


Coming in fourth, we have probably one of the most highly debated bands that we cover this year. While yes, the name does bear a striking resemblance to an action hero, all the hooplah was over us crowning these guys the new Sepultura. Or maybe it was something about Max Cavalera… Find out for yourself.

“Chris Wolfe delivers a stellar performance using great timing, epic rolls, and down right nasty drum fills that Igor Cavalera himself would tip his hat at.”


Full Article: HERE

Have a Listen: HERE


#5. Gladius Sky

Finally, rounding out the TOP 5 of 2015 is the brain child of one incredible musical mind. We were taken back by covering the one man project, but then we pressed play and, well, just read this…

“The track compositions were laid out by Revak but Hannes took the design and delivered kickboxer power with ballerina grace. What you will hear truly is beauty in aggression, and power in structure.”

Full Article: HERE

Have a Listen: HERE



Well, there you have it friend’s. It’s been one hell of a year for music and 2016 promises to be even better. From That Metal Fan to you, we would like to thank every single one of you for following us, supporting us, giving us killer music and a reason to do this in the first place. Have fun bringing in the new year, play something heavy, and for the last time in 2015…



\m/That Metal Fan\m/




Blue Balls with “Beyond De-th”

The human ear is one of the strangest devices when you step back for a second and think about it. Most people will know that two people hearing the same note at the same frequency, volume, pitch, and every other variable out there can hear two completely different sounds. What fascinates this journalist even further is that over time, our ears work with our brains to become intuitive. Our brains are naturally programmed to look for patterns in everything we can sense and sound is no different. Over time, the brain will begin to predict whats coming next in any given song. While this has become increasingly useful at surviving pits when we have no idea who the band is or what song they are playing, one band has actually proven it can completely screw you up your zen when your oh so intuitive ear gets it wrong.



Beyond De-th (no, that isn’t a typo) from Chicago is, believe it or not a Death Metal band that will give your ears a metaphorical case of blue balls as a means to finish you off in a more explosive and fantastic way than you ever thought possible.



All jokes aside, the band has an amazing way of messing with you. All of their available tracks feature stellar musicianship all the way around. Jazz infused intensity smothers the kit with intricate stick work and tight kicks. How the hell the bassists finger tips don’t break away from the knuckle and disintegrate with her constant chugging is an absolute feat and NASA needs to take her in for testing. Keeping all the pieces flowing in a cohesive and insanely metal manner is some of the best right hand chugging we have heard in some time. The “problem” lies in their limitations set on by only enlisting the one guitarist who, by the way, also burdens himself with vocals and does a bang up job. With the lack of a second guitarist, 50% of Beyond De-th‘s tracks build and build but never quite explode into euphoric bliss as one may feel they should. The other 50% you ask? Well they just rip you’re fucking head off from start to finish.



Ladies and gents, I give you the heaviest band to ever cut my ear off mid gasm. Now, if you will all excuse me, I need to go plug into some Kreator or I won’t be able hear straight for a week.






3/5 Horns







\m/That Metal Fan\m/

Check out Beyod De-th for yourselves by heading to one of the dates below:

  • August 28th- St. Louis, MO FUBAR
  • August 29th- Covington, KY Backstage Cafe
  • September 19th- Griffith, IN Sopranos   




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TMF President talks with Unsigned Countdown

For musicians just starting to find their footing, the underground can sometimes be a dark and rather intimidating place. With millions of things that can hinder or halt a bands progress all together, finding great or even just slightly helpful advice can be like finding the elusive holy grail.


Lucky for you, people like Jason Roeseke and his podcast, Unsigned Countdown exist. The show, mush like That Metal Fan, is dedicated to assisting unsigned and underground musicians with tips and advice on just about every subject imaginable. In their latest episode, Jason sat down with TMF President and Founder Andrew Tanner. Check out the conversation below and be sure to like and follow Unsigned Countdown for more little holy grails…

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Fear Control- “Conviction E.P.” Review

Today’s review brings us some true pioneers for the 2nd generation of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal, hailing from the great state of Texas. Now, for those of you that don’t spend all day everyday making sure they know every piece of info that was or ever will be, (We’re looking at you, internet tough guys), NWOAHM can be summed up with three big name band’s; Lamb of God, Machine Head, and Trivium. Did we leave out a lot? Of course we did, but this gives even the newest of newcomers a good idea of what the genre holds and a great place to start. So, what’s the second generation you ask? Any band that has formed recently, (use your imagination), that looks up to these bands as their inspiration, their hero’s, or gets their general musical direction from the aforementioned bands. Basically, they’re the next bad asses on the block.

After hearing their 2013 E.P. “Conviction“, we here at TMF collectively agree that no band in the underground today is better suited to spearhead this second wave to the masses than Fear Control. In describing their sound, Trivium immediately comes to mind, and for good reason. From the double bass kicks that drive the ferociously catchy choruses to the ear-splittingly  killer dual guitar melodies and trotting riffs, the comparison is an easy one to make. However, and I stress this over everything else, I have never heard Trivium and caught any sense of overwhelming Thrash elements like I do with Fear Control. This is a band that will honor the legacy and way paving of the bands that clearly influenced so much of their sound, while all together challenging and furthering their sound. We truly cant wait to see what these cats have in store for the world.

From Fear Control Facebook Page
From Fear Control Facebook Page

Fear Control is currently doing some crowd funding in order to put together a tour in support of their next release that is scheduled for release in June of this year. Do something awesome for the underground and the music you love by throwing these guys a couple bucks, or a couple hundred, we don’t judge. Links posted below.

4/5 Horns


 Keep It Metal,

\m/That Metal Fan\m/

Fear Control:   http://www.fearcontrol.net/


To Donate:      https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-fear-control-go-on-tour

That Metal Fan Links:  www.facebook.com/thatmetalfanofficial


“FAG”- The Virus Killing Metal

There is a quickly spreading disease killing off the next generation of Metalheads. Never before has our style of music been so threatened as it is now, and few seem to be doing anything to prevent it. In a world that is widely dominated by Hip Hop, Rap, and now EDM by an almost hysterically strong stranglehold, our only hope for our music to not only thrive but just barely squeak by with its diminished prowess is to get the younger generation to follow us down the rabbit hole, and into the pits. Unfortunately, we are the ones chasing them away.

All the sub-genres being represented equally. Notice how CORE is in there?
All the sub-genres being represented equally. Notice how CORE is in there?

Like many of you, I am associated with a number of Metal groups and pages on the internet and this is especially true for Facebook. Scrolling through my feed the other day, I happened across a post in one of these groups from a gentleman, (name will be withheld for obvious reasons), that is common in today’s world, but it caught my eye none the less. Here’s what the post read: “Does anybody else hate when bitchy emo kids consider metal-core heavy? I for one think we should nuke them”. As I read through the post, which was riddled with statements like, “We should kill ’em all…”, …”little fags…”, “What really irritates me is when I see a 16- year old kid wearing an old school metal/thrash/punk t-shirt and they cannot name one damn song from said band” etc., I found myself getting increasingly more angry.

Now, there are two clear and finite issues being discussed here and they should be discussed as stand alone issues so as not to confuse anyone and open myself up for (even more than normal) hate mail. The first, the problem the original poster and many supporters have with Emo kids. Yes, they do like to shop at Hot Topic and be trendy. Yes, for whatever god awful reason people have decided that Metal is now trendy. My question to you: Why the hell do you concern yourself with Emo fashion trends in the first place? Furthermore, you’re a Metalhead. You are the outcast of society that has found a home among other outcasts that do not judge you. We don’t care what you wear or listen to, so why should you care what someone outside of our circle dresses like and listens to? If anything, you think your comically big head would find this imitation flattering. Get over it and focus on you and you alone.

Its not you, its the music you listen that makes me inclined to hate you.
Its not you, its the music you listen that makes me inclined to hate you.

The other, and definitely more problematic issue this brings up, is the trending hate a lot of us Metalheads seem to have on Core Music. Yes, Mr. Elitist, we get it. You were born in a different time and anything not from your time is garbage and not “True Metal”. The problem with this way of thinking is that you have that next generation looking up to you and you are infecting them with this hatred and closed mindedness. Have your opinions. But when you spew vile, when you call a kid a “Fag” for liking a different sub-genre of metal (Note: To be a sub-genre of metal, you have to play a form of METAL), you are effectively giving them every reason to walk away from our world completely. How is a kid interested in metal supposed to get into the heavier stuff when you, the person representing that genre, are a complete ass, all because the kid is wading into the water slowly instead of jumping straight in. “Well maybe by me calling him a “Fag” he will stop listening to that Core garbage and listen to the good stuff…” Great. Congratulations. You helped gain another fan for Slayer, Pantera, and the likes. Where does that leave room for innovation and experimentation? If everyone is stuck inside the Elitist box out of fear of being hated and bullied, our genre will never grow and as Charles Darwin has pointed out, evolution is the key to survival. So yes, congratulations asshole. Take a bow. You are effectively killing that thing you are trying so incredibly hard to, “defend”. Don’t believe me? The original poster I mentioned earlier has a public profile where you can view his music likes. So, what does he have listed? We Are Harlot and Within the Ruins, not once but twice. We Are Harlot features the now ex-vocalist for Asking Alexandria. That’s not scene right? Within the Ruins? They classify THEMSELVES as a MetalCORE band.  We are raising a society that accepts bigotry and detests change and any difference. This is a formula that spells the certain demise of an already on the ropes style of music. No more “Fags” being thrown out, no more worrying about what someone else is doing, no more discouraging the younger generation from joining our ranks. We need to stand together and say something. Educate, don’t discriminate. Take time to talk to that “poser” about the band shirt he is wearing and turn him into a real fan. #formetal  I encourage you to comment, discuss, share, and tell everyone about what you just read here. We cannot rid the world of this disease without you.


\m/That Metal Fan\m/

Slikk Wikked- “Black Wind of Death”

              Imagine a world in which Metallica, never lost the magic that made them the giants they are on their first four albums. Would they still be the juggernauts that they are today? Would they be even bigger? Would they still be trash talked by the “old school” fans that cant seem to accept them now? Would Lars still be the massive egotistical tantrum throwing self-entitled ass that he is today? Or more importantly; would he still have made the extremely horrific decision to use the “metal snare”, that gave “St. Anger“, its iconic sound? Just like “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?”, the world many never know. But thanks to Tamp, Florida natives, Slikk Wikked and their music video for “Black Wind of Death“, we can look down the rabbit hole and at least hear what they may sound like.

           The song features the same level of thrashiness that made Metallica who they are on those first four albums. Vocalist, Zakk Thrash, delivers an eerily perfect performance, matching James Hetfield‘s annunciation and “Metal Up Your Ass“, style attitude. Still not persuaded? OK. Have you ever wondered what Metallica may have sounded like had they kept guitarist Dave Mustaine? When the guitar solo for this song kicks in, everyone’s favorite “what if” becomes an all too vivid wet dream of guitar epicness. Now, 99% of people constantly rip on the drum performances given by Lars  on every song this side of the “Black Album“. Slikk Wikked give us an idea of what Metallica could have been if they had a drummer that could actually, well… PLAY.

The video itself is obviously low budget, done poorly, and gives off the impression that little to no thought was put into it by the director. While yes, the scene and band work does give off that old school nostalgia, the camera work is horrendous. Instead of focusing on key parts such as the climactic measure of the guitar solo, the camera pans over the whole band leaving a major void. Post production was no help in this same regard as the music doesn’t line up just right with the shots. Don’t believe me? Watch the outro. The important thing here, is the band and the music they are putting out which is killer Thrash.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the next “Old School” Metallica. Haters, non-believers, and trolls, we patiently await your ill tempered rants and hate mail.




\m/That Metal Fan \m/

Check out the video here—->  Slikk Wikked – Black Wind Of Death (Official Musi…: http://youtu.be/Ha6Sgslwxfo

You can find our older articles here—-> http://www.thatmetalfan.blog.com