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Attack On Paris: An Act Of Cowardice

After taking some time to fully digest the attacks on Paris, France that occurred on Friday November the 13th, I have decided to release my thoughts. The following is an open letter to the people of France, the music community, the World, and ISIS.


Let me begin by paying my respects to the people of France and those that lost their lives in Friday’s senseless attacks. You have suffered a true tragedy and my words will never reflect how powerfully and completely my heart goes out to you all, nor will it take away any of the pain and sorrow I imagine you are feeling at this time. I, along with the rest of the world, watched in horror as the events unfolded in complete astonishment and disbelief. While in the aftermath I may not be able to lessen your pain, I offer you my hand, my love, and my boots on the ground should such a day come as you require them. I am eternally sorry.


To the musical community as a whole and the fans attending the Eagles of Death Metal show at the Bataclan on that tragic night I offer this:

Music is and has always been therapy to us. It is a release and an escape from the cold realities of the outside world. Those attending the show expected nothing more than exactly that and instead they were ambushed by cowards wielding assault rifles and suicide vests, ready to kill and die for something as trivial an interpretation of words scribbled down in a book thousands of years ago. Those we’ve lost will always be missed and the memories of these events will never fade. However, in the wake of all the atrocities, something beautiful has come about that I for one have never seen before. The typical genre bashing, the elitism, the style VS style and genre VS genre, the vile words and pointless arguments that litter online forums and pit fan against fan have ceased and in its place a sense of community and brotherhood has risen. To music fans of any genre in any country, thank you for this.


To the World:


When Paris went dark, we turned on our lights to show her that we were there. We overlaid our profile pictures with the French flag and held a moment of silence at all major sporting events to honor France and show our solidarity. These acts do in fact show our support and make us feel as though we have done some good on that day, but what tangible benefit does this have for the victims and future victims? Does that profile picture console a grieving mother that just lost her child? Does your moment of silence fall upon the ears of the child that lost their parent and assure them that things will be okay and that we will never allow this to happen again? The world grieved and fell silent on 9/11 and yet acts just like it are continuing over 14 years later. Your showings of empathy are beautiful and reflect the worlds sense of humanity, but the world needs to stand together as one with action to change this culture of hate. For Islamic, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Atheist, Scientologist, Agnostic, Black, White, Brown, Red, Yellow, Purple, Silver, Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Bi, Transgender, Gender Neutral, Socialist, Communist, Capitalist, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Men, Women, Children, Foreign, Domestic, and Alien people all over this planet, we must stand together not for personal gain nor revenge, but for a future of peace by way of tangible actions today.


Finally, to ISIS:

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  I want you to carefully read over everything you have just read and reassure yourselves of the lack of two very key words throughout this entire letter: Terror & Fear. Your mission was to commit a terrorist attack on the the people of France and in turn, the World. In absolutely beautiful fashion, you have failed miserably. The people of France are not terrified and in fact are now stronger and more profoundly bounded as a people than they were before. During the attack, the people of Paris opened their doors to complete strangers out of love and compassion instead of locking them shut from fear and terror. The police starred death in the face and their courage never faltered as they struck down the mangy dogs you sent after their countrymen. Now, instead of sending the world hiding from your hate, you have united a world and made its people stronger and more determined than ever to eradicate the hate that fills your hearts. This was not an act of terrorism. This was an act of cowardice by a group of people terrified themselves of a people and a culture different from themselves. With each threat we shall grow stronger, for you are but a few cowards and we are many with hearts filled with overflowing love.


Vive la France, Vive la Musique, Vive L’amour,

\m/That Metal Fan\m/