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Learn To Slaughter With Corpse Hoarder

The stench of rotting flesh fills my nostrils as I take a bit of entrails from my blood stained teeth. Ecstasy in itself falls short as a just description for the full and flush electricity running through my skin. From your scalp to your kneecaps, the cornucopia of body parts strewn about the forest floor serves as a reminder of the massacre that had just taken place here. It was a night I shall never forget. The night I first heard Corpse Hoarder. The night I became a homicidal maniac.


While I may not have literally ripped apart a body piece by piece, this Philadelphia based Brutal Death Metal four piece had me feeling as though I had actively and willingly joined them in the slaughter of an innocent. From their sound to their imagery, everything about Corpse Hoarder works in unison to create pure putrid perfection. Classic scooped out guitars maintain a constant toxic viscosity suited wonderfully for the three available tracks, though nothing necessarily fancy shines through. But then again, Jason Voorhees never uttered a single word and massacred the masses for decades.


I never believed vocals to be all that important in BDM honestly. (Almost) Everything I have heard follows a formulaic mediocrity that leads to a, “how low can you go” feel and at the end of the day, you feel lucky to walk away understanding two words on the entire album. Corpse Hoarder vocalist Scruffo, (No really, look it up.), challenges this by going the extra mile and being audible while belting out intense tones. He’s essentially the creepy mortician warning you of the consequences of playing with demons only to put the demon back in it’s cage once it’s done devouring your soul.


What pushes Corpse Hoarder over the top for me is their Bass/Drum combo. Myke (Bass) berates the ever living hell out of your eardrums and it works dangerously well with Armen‘s tactical drum assault on an effort to have you bleeding out of orifices you didn’t even know you had. It’s this final one two punch that really seals everything together and ensures that at least one person in the crowd is going to be soiling themselves from fear.


If you have had a recent urge to pick up that kitchen knife and hockey mask, DO NOT listen to Corpse Hoarder. Frankly, the world has enough evil to deal with already. If you’re a sabre person that looks to constantly push the limits, then listen once. But only one. After that, TMF can’t ensure your safety and your soul may be lost to the depths of hell forever. Good luck!!


4/5 Horns

\m/That Metal Fan\m/

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Technical Death Metal from “Day One”

I can count the number of Technical Death Metal shows that I have attended on one hand. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Death Metal. However, when you through in those impossible to follow breakdowns and play at tempos/beats that require a high powered calculator in order to understand what the hell it is you’re listening to, I tend to lose interest. I dreaded having to stumble into 3rd period and I’m not trying to suffer flashbacks every time I plug in as a means to relax. It’s just not my thing. With that being said, you can imagine the look of udder bewilderment on my face when I came across some Tech-Death that not only slays every sacrificial virgin withing a fifty mile radius of my speakers, but also makes sense as well.



Day One is a four piece coming from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. How the hell they manage to pull off the tenacious and impeccable sound they do is a question that will most likely be answered right after scientist find out definitively whether or not we are alone in the universe. Guitarist Jay Nerada is an absolute master of his craft and it is clear that the music is structured around his madman approach to composition. Following closely behind him in skill level is Marty Leibel on drums. Matching the sonic perfection of Jay every step of the way is not easy but with his constantly running legs he pulls it off wonderfully and with grace. While musically Day One take the Tech-Death cake, the real Picasso here is vocalist, Cayle Charlton. This genre has a tendency to favor low frequency vocals that make enjoyment and understanding some sort of luxury and with Cayle, its the complete opposite. Not only can you understand word for word what is being said without the need of a lyric video, the guy has one of the greatest screams I or anyone else here at TMF has heard in some time. With him wielding the mic, Day One have quickly molded themselves into the Canadian version of Arch Enemy.

2015-08-03 12.31.12


If epic sonic journey’s are your thing, if you want to be looking at the show in front of you instead of the calculator in your hand, and you want it all with slit your throat animosity, Day One has you covered.


5/5 Horns





\m/That Metal Fan\m/

Check out Day One live at one of the following shows:

  • Aug. 20th- Calgary, AB, Canada The Nite Owl
  • Sep. 4th- Calgary, AB, Canada Distortion Live Music Venue
  • Sep. 19th- Calgary, AB, Canada TBA
  • Oct. 17th- Calgary, AB, Canada The Blind Beggar Pub
  • Oct 24th- Berkeley, California Legion Of Steal Fest 






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Blue Balls with “Beyond De-th”

The human ear is one of the strangest devices when you step back for a second and think about it. Most people will know that two people hearing the same note at the same frequency, volume, pitch, and every other variable out there can hear two completely different sounds. What fascinates this journalist even further is that over time, our ears work with our brains to become intuitive. Our brains are naturally programmed to look for patterns in everything we can sense and sound is no different. Over time, the brain will begin to predict whats coming next in any given song. While this has become increasingly useful at surviving pits when we have no idea who the band is or what song they are playing, one band has actually proven it can completely screw you up your zen when your oh so intuitive ear gets it wrong.



Beyond De-th (no, that isn’t a typo) from Chicago is, believe it or not a Death Metal band that will give your ears a metaphorical case of blue balls as a means to finish you off in a more explosive and fantastic way than you ever thought possible.



All jokes aside, the band has an amazing way of messing with you. All of their available tracks feature stellar musicianship all the way around. Jazz infused intensity smothers the kit with intricate stick work and tight kicks. How the hell the bassists finger tips don’t break away from the knuckle and disintegrate with her constant chugging is an absolute feat and NASA needs to take her in for testing. Keeping all the pieces flowing in a cohesive and insanely metal manner is some of the best right hand chugging we have heard in some time. The “problem” lies in their limitations set on by only enlisting the one guitarist who, by the way, also burdens himself with vocals and does a bang up job. With the lack of a second guitarist, 50% of Beyond De-th‘s tracks build and build but never quite explode into euphoric bliss as one may feel they should. The other 50% you ask? Well they just rip you’re fucking head off from start to finish.



Ladies and gents, I give you the heaviest band to ever cut my ear off mid gasm. Now, if you will all excuse me, I need to go plug into some Kreator or I won’t be able hear straight for a week.






3/5 Horns







\m/That Metal Fan\m/

Check out Beyod De-th for yourselves by heading to one of the dates below:

  • August 28th- St. Louis, MO FUBAR
  • August 29th- Covington, KY Backstage Cafe
  • September 19th- Griffith, IN Sopranos   




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Death Pit are “Here To F@$k S@$t Up”

With the news of After The Burial‘s Justin Lowe being found dead, (may he rest in peace), the seemingly self inflicted demise of the Mayhem Festival and all the other incredibly sad and sometimes ridiculous debates that have been flooding the newsfeeds of the world lately, we here at TMF needed a break. A distraction if you will. For us, and anyone else feeling a little strung out on the gloom, Mecosta, Michigan locals Death Pit are exactly the type of nonsensical Old School Crossover Thrash that was needed. If even for only five songs or so, the band take us away from the ever growing media buzz kill.


Now, when we say the term Old School Crossover Thrash, we mean exactly that. Many Underground bands, (don’t worry, we wont call you out directly) who cling to this title to their music end up being judged to that end and they seem to fall flat due to a lack of, you guessed it, that Old School Crossover Thrash feel. Death Pit is a four piece that captures the spirit of booze fueled ragers at local clubs, littered with lovely badasses bleeding from their noses onto patch riddled denim vests in a subtle way that says, “I could care less about what you think”.


Not on element of the Death Pit machine stands above the rest on any of their gorgeously vile tunes all of which are available via the bands Reverbnation page, a link to which you will find below. This boys and girls is raw Thrash Metal at its core. A boiling toxic ooze whose only purpose is to encase you in a hardened cocoon of speed and aggression.


So, to the boys who are  “Here To Fuck Shit Up” we thank you for the wonderfully killer distraction. Now, enough with the sappy thank yous, get your ass back in that pit!

4/5 Horns



\m/That Metal Fan\m/

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“VHS” Scare The Stupid Out Of You

Since the beginning, Metal and Horror/Slasher movies have shared a comradery that even non-fans seem to be able to understand. In more recent years it seems as though the two have become inseparable and they borrow more and more for one another. Musically this can be seen with bands such as Gwar and their insane alien overlord concept. But what would happen if you were to say, strip away the costumes and place the focus of all of your twisted nightmares into the music alone? Well, what you’re going to be left with is an Ontario, Canada based band going by the name, VHS.


The bands debut, “Hi-Fi Horror“, is as dark, vile, and fun as you can find. PERIOD. VHS keep a stripped down quality to their recording sound that terrifies and keeps true to the spirit of the Underground Horror Metal scene. It’s exactly what I would picture hearing in the background somewhere while Leatherface slowly and painfully peels back my cured and prep face to add to his ever growing collection of all to real masks.

Speaking to the music itself, VHS creates a massive sound with slight Thrash influences as evidenced by the constant double bass kick and single snare pops. Though the latter may just be my neck snapping. While the guitars do catch my attention with the dirty grit they bring to the table, it’s the ball busting bite produced from the bass that really grabbed my attention which is an extremely rare thing to find in any type of Metal. Though not as rare, the vocals i found also slapped me in the face in  valiant effort to garner my attention. You know, in that Goblin shrieking his last words before the icy fingers of death slip down around his throat kind of way.


The dark and twisted visuals painted by VHS are Ghost House Pictures quality and the music itself is good enough to make Jason Voorhees take off his mask and offer a rotting grin.

3/5 Horns



\m/That Metal Fan\m/

Get a Preview of VHS‘s debut and pre-order the album HERE

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There are no words with “Necromancing The Stone”

The typical Modus Operandi for us here at TMF is to write a catchy intro that captures your attention and then slowly but surely lead you down a path that introduces you to whatever band we happen to be featuring that day. Unfortunately, this time around I have been assigned a band that has me completely stumped on the creative forefront. Necromancing The Stone from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which features ex and current members of ArsisThe AbsenceThe Black Dahlia Murder, and Brimstone Coven, have managed to create such a unique and over the top sound that I cant be anything but straight forward when describing their September 2014 E.P. “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead“.

“NTS” fuses ThrashPower, and Death, into a drunken long haired crusade against the beasts and demons of this world and, somehow, it makes complete sense. The guitar riffs and tones bring to mind a range somewhere between recent Trivium and Kill ‘Em All era Metallica which, when paired and complimented with the beautifully timed and constructed solos throughout the 3 track E.P., create a hook line and sinker for any Metalhead with a brain.


While the drumming was very active and on point, I cant say with conviction that I was blown away with the performance. Am I saying it was terrible? No. But I do believe that with this style of music there was only so much the bands time keeper could have done and he did just that.

In complete and intense contrast to the drums, you have this insane vocal fluctuation that is the glue strong enough to keep both Power Metal and Death Metal fans in the same room and actually getting along. On the one hand you have this great clean ferocity that rings in similar to the male lead in Amaranthe, and on the other hand you have Lucifer turning his ugly head towards you in an effort to claim your soul for eternal damnation. It is AMAZING.


Necromancing The Stone is just about wrapped up on their next release and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on it and (hopefully) once again be absolutely stumped. Check out the links below for additional info and be sure to follow the band.




\m/That Metal Fan\m/

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Reluctant Interest in “Reluctant Mortem”

Its always interesting finding new underground bands from across the globe. One day I’ll have a three piece Thrash act that just found the courage to step out from the murky shadows of a garage in Mississippi plopped down on my desk, and the very next day I’ll be reviewing a six piece Black Metal group that had recently released a ten song album that cost them upwards of $5000 to produce. Just when I have convinced myself I have literally heard it all, Reluctant Mortem comes out of good ol’ Long Island, New York to put me back into my place.


The group has three full length demo songs up on their Reverbnation page, (link below), and if you plan on hitting play we warn that you’re going to need your seat belt because this ride is all over the place. These three songs run the gamut of metal genre’s with Black, Death, and Thrash  influences ringing clear as the most prevalent. This kind of metal gumbo Reluctant Mortem has managed to forge will either cause your ears to perk like a dog hearing the dinner bell or push you away in complete confusion. Either way, the almost live quality to these demos are without debate, different.

Of course I must make it clear that I used the word quality, loosely. The levels throughout the work and most specifically the drum tracking, is so all over the place I found myself regularly checking my headphones and equipment for some sort of malfunction. Alas, everything was in top form and the recordings really were, in fact, as equally lopsided as if played live at a hole in the wall bar with no house P.A., and only three microphones to spare for the entire band.


If you find yourself able to stomach the levels, you WILL be left with some very well thought up music. Reluctant Mortem‘s guitar riffs, drum phrasing, and all over ambiance give off an adolescent amateur air about them but with time to develop their underlying skill, this band could be very refreshing and garner quite the diverse following. To the band I say this: Keep practicing, don’t take any criticism too seriously, and immediately replace your singer. The guy has a major early Atreyu vibe and the band is much too heavy for that.

1/5 Horns



\m/ That Metal Fan \m/

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