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Pronostic Hit The Red Button with “An Atomic Decision”

The power of the riff has long been understood and respected in the metal community. It can send you into an all out blitz or pull you into a groove abyss the likes of which you may never escape. It seems nowadays however, that band after band are constantly falling into the trap of putting on artistic blinders in an effort to reach some new level of heaviness and creativity and originality seem to have been abandoned all together while us fans are left to wade through the ashes of what could have been. Generic carbon copy garbage may be the new norm but a handful of bands do remain that put actual effort and originality into their work and we’ve sifted through the mud to bring you Montreal‘s own Pronostic and their debut full length album, “An Atomic Decision“.


From it’s haunting beginning to its destructive end, this kick to the teeth is absolutely plastered with virtuoso composition and stellar musicianship. Pronostic, have managed to fuse together both technical and progressive Death Metal attitudes with bone chilling tones and magnificent peaks and crevasses resulting in an album that will blood eagle your soul with its intensity, and then place a single rose at your feet as the vultures pick at your rotting carcass.


All immaculate visual descriptors aside, with all the negative events of late this album could not have come at a better time and I for one have a new front runner for Underground Album Of The Year. Check it out for yourselves below.


5/5 Horns





\m/That Metal Fan\m/

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Taking an “Adrenaline Shot” with Amken

We’ve strapped on the big boy pants for today’s featured review. Why? Cause we have a pretty bold statement to make and the wrath of thousands of Slayer fans will surely rain down upon us. By now you have heard about the highly anticipated album from the Thrash giants due out 9/11/15. What you don’t know and what Slayer fans will never admit, is that their album will fall second to another release, this one coming from a little known band out of Athens, Greece by the name Amken. Currently putting on the finishing touches of their debut full length album, the band has released the E.P. Adrenaline Shot and if the full length reflects even 10% of the high octane Thrash on this E.P., I may not even both myself with the new Slayer record at all.


Amken feature powerful bass lines that resemble the guttural vibrations of a warship engine setting sail on a course of unfiltered devastation. Their guitar solo composition is beautifully timed and phrased pairing seamlessly with the continent shattering riffs sure to destroy every club foolish enough to book a show. There is a classical old school attitude with these Athenians that rounds out their modern brutality with a flair of respect and appreciation for the glory days of Thrash.


We, as always, will welcome all your hate mail with open minds and comebacks at the ready. We have prepared ourselves for the droves of die-hard fans sure to take direct offense to us “disrespecting” their gods. We have done everything we possibly can but we cannot lie to you. Look out SlayerAmken has arrived.

2015-08-02 12.08.54

4.5/5 Horns



\m/That Metal Fan\m/

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