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The Most Metal Day of The Year With “Tormenter”

July 24th, 2015 is a date that has solidified itself as nothing short of monumental for the metal world. On the one hand, a record that undoubtedly helped to shape the course of metal into what we see today dropped on this day in 1990. The 25th anniversary of Pantera‘s Cowboys From Hell serves as a humble reminder of just how far our genre has come since the days of hair metal and also, in the words of one Mayhem Festival founder, just how “Old, Fat, and Bald”, we have all Become. On the other hand, the long awaited studio return from Lamb Of God has finally dropped. Coincidentally, Sturm Und Drang finds its release date coinciding with the launch of the Summers Last Stand Tour which sees Lamb Of God setting out to absolutely destroy North America with Slipknot.

Just in case all of this isn’t enough to get your cold metal blood pumping, today also sees La Puente, California‘s Tormenter re-releasing their sophomore album Prophetic Deceiver on Static Tension Recordings. While the band being signed to a label is something we highly commend, the music is what we are all here for, so lets get this started.


I can sit here and tell you how the albums recording quality is immaculate, the guitars are tight, the vocals and drumming is the “Bees-Frickin-Knees”, but you won’t truly grasp the abundance of kick ass Tormenters Prophetic Deceiver has to offer. So instead, let’s try this: Close your eyes and picture, if you will, Slayer and Exodus having a musical baby. Got it? GREAT! Now imagine Obituary and Ascendancy era Trivium have a musical child of their own. These two babies grow up together, they fall in love with one another, then during a night of sweat whips and passion, the condom breaks. The ensuing serial killer, i mean… baby, with its sweet guitar licks and unstoppable double bass would get you in the ballpark of the absolute madness that is Tormenter.


Pantera milestone, a Lamb Of God milestone, and now a Tormenter milestone. We here at TMF are making it official. July 24th, 2015 is the most metal day of the year. Check out the links below to find everything Tormenter.

5/5 Horns



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Staying True VS Being Trendy

As a member of MANY online Metal forums, I’ve come across a number of threads discussing the need as a musician to stay true to your roots. While the majority of these threads are overrun with Elitists and “Old School” cats simply venting at what they view as the worst auditory atrocities committed against all things Metal, a few pose a viable and logical consensus that bands are only playing into the latest trends as a means to actually, “make it”. On the flip side of this argument you’ll find seemingly  more open minded people that accept this fresh sound as a moving forward of the genre that simply builds on the foundations laid down before them. This faction of our community is not without its extremists however and they believe that staying in the past with dad bands is a cardinal sin punishable by death via social media. With either side growing further and further apart each day, which side will find themselves on the winning side of history, and who will claim undisputed internet victory?

For the sake of keeping things as clean as possible in this rumble, I’m going to use two very well known bands to make my case that both have releases this year while leaving out bands that are no longer together and new bands that anyone over 21 will tilt their head at. (i.e. Pantera VS Black Veil Brides).


  First up, we have the Thrash giants Slayer. Here, you have a band that has been around for 30+ years that has somehow survived the gauntlet of challenges including but not limited to: Glam Rock and other trends, several line-up changes, and most recently the passing of a founding member. Everyone on the trendy side will argue that Slayer is a dads band with an out played and stale sound. Slayer fans on the other hand will argue, “FUCKIN’ SLAYER!!!!“, while kicking the living piss out of you. To avoid all of this, here are the facts: Slayer helped mold and influence the genre into what we all know it as today and without them things would be different. In more recent history however, the band has lost something that once made them special. The 2000’s were very unkind to Slayer and their music seemed to become almost radio friendly or, dare I say, TRENDY. Am I saying they went from Thrash royalty to radio novelty? Not in the slightest but their sound most certainly changed. Enter 2015 and the title track from their highly anticipated release, “Repentless“. The majority of the community lost their minds over this track saying, “Thrash at last, Thrash at last, Satan all mighty they’re Thrash at last”. The band returned to their dad band roots and the fans ate it up.

True-1, Trend-0


  There is another huge American made metal band that has made some musical waves lately by completely changing their sound. In fact, Lamb Of God committed what is by Elitist standards, an all out act of treason by going “Radio Friendly” with clean singing on the third track “Overlord“, off their 2015 album, “‘Strum Und Drang“. Singer Randy Blythe has been questioned as to the motive behind this controversial move with the otherwise growl dominated band and he has made it very clear it’s a direction the band wants to explore more of. Does this mean in the next few years we can expect to have a commercially acceptable adaptation of the once great Lamb Of God? Well, even the most hardcore of fans showing their support for the band and that movement probably wont bring that about but that’s not the point here. The band didnt want to produce the exact same album for the 3rd or 4th time. In the face of going stale, the band pushed the boundaries and introduced a growing trend among musicians today that completely modernized their sound.

True-1, Trend-1

  Don’t worry kids, this isn’t soccer (Futbol for the international readers) and I refuse to let this end in a draw.  There is one common denominator between the moves that both bands made and they should absolutely be admired for it. Slayer wanted to get back to their roots and the fans loved them for it. Lamb Of God wanted to experiment and push boundaries and the fans loved them for it. Can you start to see the lesson I’m getting at here? Play what you love and love what you play. Forget the Elitists that tell you to stay in the stone age, and forget the commercialism telling you to play the trend. Hell, while you’re at it forget this metal fan giving you his own opinion. If you play what is in your heart the fans will respect you for it because they can smell a fake a mile away. If you do this, you have god given talent and practice aloud skill coupled with a pinch of luck, I promise you that you will in fact “make it”. In the battle of staying true or being trendy, metal wins.

Feel we got it wrong? Want to yell at us about our band choices? Just bored?  Let us hear it in the comment section below.


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“Deadpool”- The next Sepultura

For some reason or another no matter how many times Max Cavelara tells the world their will never be a Sepultura reunion with the original line-up, the world still seems content to keep asking. We get that people want that old school Tribal Thrash Metal powerhouse to make a return but instead of beating the dead horse, we offer you the next best thing; fresh music from a band that is actually around (Sorry but the new line-up is barely passable as Sepultura anymore) that keeps that torch burning bright. Deadpool, (No, not the Marvel character) is a band coming out of San Antonio, Texas and they deliver one hell of a good time.

  Chris Wolfe delivers a stellar performance using great timing, epic rolls, and down right nasty drum fills that Igor Cavalera himself would tip his hat at. The guy absolutely slays with his stick work. Carlos Lopez and Gordon Ireland have created an interesting guitar sound using an unusual mix of Sepultura inspired grooves paired with Lamb Of God style riffs. As if this weren’t reason enough to give these cat’s your attention, their solo’s are reminiscent of Dethklok’s structuring and tone. When strung together these elements create a phenomenal auditory assault.

From Deadpool Facebook Page
From Deadpool Facebook Page

Deadpool are up for Best Metal Band in this years 2015 San Antonio Music Awards. We highly suggest you check these cats out using the links below and then go and cast your vote for them also using the link below. Don’t you love it when we do all the work for you? As always boy’s and girl’s…

5/5 Horns


Keep It Metal,

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Fear Control- “Conviction E.P.” Review

Today’s review brings us some true pioneers for the 2nd generation of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal, hailing from the great state of Texas. Now, for those of you that don’t spend all day everyday making sure they know every piece of info that was or ever will be, (We’re looking at you, internet tough guys), NWOAHM can be summed up with three big name band’s; Lamb of God, Machine Head, and Trivium. Did we leave out a lot? Of course we did, but this gives even the newest of newcomers a good idea of what the genre holds and a great place to start. So, what’s the second generation you ask? Any band that has formed recently, (use your imagination), that looks up to these bands as their inspiration, their hero’s, or gets their general musical direction from the aforementioned bands. Basically, they’re the next bad asses on the block.

After hearing their 2013 E.P. “Conviction“, we here at TMF collectively agree that no band in the underground today is better suited to spearhead this second wave to the masses than Fear Control. In describing their sound, Trivium immediately comes to mind, and for good reason. From the double bass kicks that drive the ferociously catchy choruses to the ear-splittingly  killer dual guitar melodies and trotting riffs, the comparison is an easy one to make. However, and I stress this over everything else, I have never heard Trivium and caught any sense of overwhelming Thrash elements like I do with Fear Control. This is a band that will honor the legacy and way paving of the bands that clearly influenced so much of their sound, while all together challenging and furthering their sound. We truly cant wait to see what these cats have in store for the world.

From Fear Control Facebook Page
From Fear Control Facebook Page

Fear Control is currently doing some crowd funding in order to put together a tour in support of their next release that is scheduled for release in June of this year. Do something awesome for the underground and the music you love by throwing these guys a couple bucks, or a couple hundred, we don’t judge. Links posted below.

4/5 Horns


 Keep It Metal,

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Fear Control:   http://www.fearcontrol.net/


To Donate:      https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-fear-control-go-on-tour

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