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Best of the Underground 2015

Well boys and girls, the time has finally come to bust out your finest Tequila and wave goodbye to all the mistakes you made in 2015 as to make room for all the new mistakes you’ll make in 2016. We here at TMF would hate to send you out without some killer tunes to keep the festivities going so we’ve compiled the top 5 bands we covered in 2015. Here’s to you, here’s to one hell of a year, and here’s to the Underground!!




Considering these cat’s were the last to get covered before everyone went on vacation, they made the biggest impact with our staff. Here’s what we had to say…

“Pronostic, have managed to fuse together both technical and progressive Death Metal attitudes with bone chilling tones and magnificent peaks and crevasses resulting in an album that will blood eagle your soul with its intensity, and then place a single rose at your feet as the vultures pick at your rotting carcass.”

Damn.. Maybe we got a little to descriptive with this one? You can check out the full review and check out the band using the links below.

Full Article: HERE

Have a Listen: HERE


Coming in at an extremely close second was a band we covered on a guest spot for Metal Temple, Decimatus. It almost hurts putting these Aussie natives any less than second, but hey, this is why we get paid the big bucks, right?

“There is not one weak link in the chain with DECIMATUS. Power, groove, technique, stamina, and the ability to make this journalist smile for an entire album are just a few of the reasons, “Catalyst For Rage”, is my early front runner for album of the year. Now, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, give me the horns and get yourself back in that pit.”

Full Article: HERE

Have a listen: HERE



Thrash, Thrash,and just for good measure, some more Thrash. Would you expect anything less out of good ol’ California? This album was a re-realease but one worthy of takin our middle spot in the countdown. Here’s a little taste of why…

“Close your eyes and picture, if you will, Slayer and Exodus having a musical baby. Got it? GREAT! Now imagine Obituary and Ascendancy era Trivium have a musical child of their own. These two babies grow up together, they fall in love with one another, then during a night of sweat whips and passion, the condom breaks. The ensuing serial killer, i mean… baby, with its sweet guitar licks and unstoppable double bass would get you in the ballpark of the absolute madness that is Tormenter.”

Yeah… maybe we should cut back on the visual descriptors just a tad next year…


Full Article: HERE

Have a Listen: HERE


Coming in fourth, we have probably one of the most highly debated bands that we cover this year. While yes, the name does bear a striking resemblance to an action hero, all the hooplah was over us crowning these guys the new Sepultura. Or maybe it was something about Max Cavalera… Find out for yourself.

“Chris Wolfe delivers a stellar performance using great timing, epic rolls, and down right nasty drum fills that Igor Cavalera himself would tip his hat at.”


Full Article: HERE

Have a Listen: HERE


#5. Gladius Sky

Finally, rounding out the TOP 5 of 2015 is the brain child of one incredible musical mind. We were taken back by covering the one man project, but then we pressed play and, well, just read this…

“The track compositions were laid out by Revak but Hannes took the design and delivered kickboxer power with ballerina grace. What you will hear truly is beauty in aggression, and power in structure.”

Full Article: HERE

Have a Listen: HERE



Well, there you have it friend’s. It’s been one hell of a year for music and 2016 promises to be even better. From That Metal Fan to you, we would like to thank every single one of you for following us, supporting us, giving us killer music and a reason to do this in the first place. Have fun bringing in the new year, play something heavy, and for the last time in 2015…



\m/That Metal Fan\m/




“Gladius Sky”- Reinventing the Atom Bomb

Between 1939 and 1945 more than $2 Billion was spent on the development of something that would forever change the world as it was at that time. While around an estimated 120,000 people were employed in one way or another by the Manhattan Project, it is Robert Oppenheimer that has been credited as the “Father Of The Atomic Bomb”. For Canada born Tanner Revak and his solo endeavor Gladius Sky, the album “Ex-Metallo” has been his Manhattan Project. 

The album features Hannes Grossmann, (Pictured Below)who sat in on the album to record the drum tracks. If the name sounds at all familliar, it absolutely should. The ex-Obscura stick wielder is absolutely at the top of his game from start to finish on this ten track behemoth. I can’t say that anything less than perfection was expected from Grossmann‘s caliber of skill but even for him I felt this work was impressive. The track compositions were laid out by Revak but Hannes took the design and delivered kickboxer power with ballerina grace. What you will hear truly is beauty in aggression, and power in structure.


In addition to composing this ten chapter symphonic thriller, Tanner Revak also laid down all of the guitars for the album which as a stand alone accomplishment goes to show the musical ability of such a great mind. The flow and technicality leave me to wonder just how long he sat in what I can only imagine to be an ambiance riddled control room, playing and replaying each note to stretch it to perfection both in sound quality and placement; but the thought is quickly lost in the countless beautifully disturbing moments and I too eventually find myself lost in the music. Revak has somehow found a most masterful means of combining strong and direct riffs with fluid and moving grooves that further compliment this already stellar hybrid of Victorian Balck and Power Groove overtone that I for one have fallen for head over feet.


Tanner Revak has seemingly plucked a bit of insanity from the darkest corner of his mind and, with the help of some expert level musicians and engineers, he has made an audio masterpiece the likes of which rival the beauty and absolute terror of the column of fire that follows the boom of a nuclear explosion. He is now and shall forever be known to That Metal Fan as the father of Gladius Sky. 


5/5 Horns



\m/That Metal Fan\m/

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