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Pronostic Hit The Red Button with “An Atomic Decision”

The power of the riff has long been understood and respected in the metal community. It can send you into an all out blitz or pull you into a groove abyss the likes of which you may never escape. It seems nowadays however, that band after band are constantly falling into the trap of putting on artistic blinders in an effort to reach some new level of heaviness and creativity and originality seem to have been abandoned all together while us fans are left to wade through the ashes of what could have been. Generic carbon copy garbage may be the new norm but a handful of bands do remain that put actual effort and originality into their work and we’ve sifted through the mud to bring you Montreal‘s own Pronostic and their debut full length album, “An Atomic Decision“.


From it’s haunting beginning to its destructive end, this kick to the teeth is absolutely plastered with virtuoso composition and stellar musicianship. Pronostic, have managed to fuse together both technical and progressive Death Metal attitudes with bone chilling tones and magnificent peaks and crevasses resulting in an album that will blood eagle your soul with its intensity, and then place a single rose at your feet as the vultures pick at your rotting carcass.


All immaculate visual descriptors aside, with all the negative events of late this album could not have come at a better time and I for one have a new front runner for Underground Album Of The Year. Check it out for yourselves below.


5/5 Horns





\m/That Metal Fan\m/

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Technical Death Metal from “Day One”

I can count the number of Technical Death Metal shows that I have attended on one hand. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Death Metal. However, when you through in those impossible to follow breakdowns and play at tempos/beats that require a high powered calculator in order to understand what the hell it is you’re listening to, I tend to lose interest. I dreaded having to stumble into 3rd period and I’m not trying to suffer flashbacks every time I plug in as a means to relax. It’s just not my thing. With that being said, you can imagine the look of udder bewilderment on my face when I came across some Tech-Death that not only slays every sacrificial virgin withing a fifty mile radius of my speakers, but also makes sense as well.



Day One is a four piece coming from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. How the hell they manage to pull off the tenacious and impeccable sound they do is a question that will most likely be answered right after scientist find out definitively whether or not we are alone in the universe. Guitarist Jay Nerada is an absolute master of his craft and it is clear that the music is structured around his madman approach to composition. Following closely behind him in skill level is Marty Leibel on drums. Matching the sonic perfection of Jay every step of the way is not easy but with his constantly running legs he pulls it off wonderfully and with grace. While musically Day One take the Tech-Death cake, the real Picasso here is vocalist, Cayle Charlton. This genre has a tendency to favor low frequency vocals that make enjoyment and understanding some sort of luxury and with Cayle, its the complete opposite. Not only can you understand word for word what is being said without the need of a lyric video, the guy has one of the greatest screams I or anyone else here at TMF has heard in some time. With him wielding the mic, Day One have quickly molded themselves into the Canadian version of Arch Enemy.

2015-08-03 12.31.12


If epic sonic journey’s are your thing, if you want to be looking at the show in front of you instead of the calculator in your hand, and you want it all with slit your throat animosity, Day One has you covered.


5/5 Horns





\m/That Metal Fan\m/

Check out Day One live at one of the following shows:

  • Aug. 20th- Calgary, AB, Canada The Nite Owl
  • Sep. 4th- Calgary, AB, Canada Distortion Live Music Venue
  • Sep. 19th- Calgary, AB, Canada TBA
  • Oct. 17th- Calgary, AB, Canada The Blind Beggar Pub
  • Oct 24th- Berkeley, California Legion Of Steal Fest 






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Blue Balls with “Beyond De-th”

The human ear is one of the strangest devices when you step back for a second and think about it. Most people will know that two people hearing the same note at the same frequency, volume, pitch, and every other variable out there can hear two completely different sounds. What fascinates this journalist even further is that over time, our ears work with our brains to become intuitive. Our brains are naturally programmed to look for patterns in everything we can sense and sound is no different. Over time, the brain will begin to predict whats coming next in any given song. While this has become increasingly useful at surviving pits when we have no idea who the band is or what song they are playing, one band has actually proven it can completely screw you up your zen when your oh so intuitive ear gets it wrong.



Beyond De-th (no, that isn’t a typo) from Chicago is, believe it or not a Death Metal band that will give your ears a metaphorical case of blue balls as a means to finish you off in a more explosive and fantastic way than you ever thought possible.



All jokes aside, the band has an amazing way of messing with you. All of their available tracks feature stellar musicianship all the way around. Jazz infused intensity smothers the kit with intricate stick work and tight kicks. How the hell the bassists finger tips don’t break away from the knuckle and disintegrate with her constant chugging is an absolute feat and NASA needs to take her in for testing. Keeping all the pieces flowing in a cohesive and insanely metal manner is some of the best right hand chugging we have heard in some time. The “problem” lies in their limitations set on by only enlisting the one guitarist who, by the way, also burdens himself with vocals and does a bang up job. With the lack of a second guitarist, 50% of Beyond De-th‘s tracks build and build but never quite explode into euphoric bliss as one may feel they should. The other 50% you ask? Well they just rip you’re fucking head off from start to finish.



Ladies and gents, I give you the heaviest band to ever cut my ear off mid gasm. Now, if you will all excuse me, I need to go plug into some Kreator or I won’t be able hear straight for a week.






3/5 Horns







\m/That Metal Fan\m/

Check out Beyod De-th for yourselves by heading to one of the dates below:

  • August 28th- St. Louis, MO FUBAR
  • August 29th- Covington, KY Backstage Cafe
  • September 19th- Griffith, IN Sopranos   




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Seraph In Travail “Bring Forth Death”

If we are being completely honest with ourselves, the last time something new or innovative came along in the world of Black Metal, we had Bush Sr. or Clinton calling the White House home. That’s not to say there haven’t been great bands in the genre. We just see the norm never being challenged. At the end of the day, you will always find that creepy Victorian vibe with evil spewing out over rather basic rhythms and chord progressions.


This cold and pessimistic view is one that TMF has unfortunately had until the recent discovery of Seraph In Travail. The Pennsylvania based group is set to release their full length album, Bring Forth Death on August 7th and of course we took the opportunity to check out the first two singles available via Bandcamp.


Does the band break the mold by doing away with keyboards and the old Victorian voice? Not even close, but then again, what kind of Black Metal band would they be if they didn’t adhere to these age old staples? Instead, the band infuses two unique elements into their sound that elevate the bands potential to break out dramatically. To start, you get ear pounded by vocals that range from Nathan Explosion lows to Danny Filth mids. That fact that there are little to no highs actually come off as a blessing in disguise, as high screeches would actually hurt the bands overall tone. Secondly, and what is probably the smartest move Seraph In Travail  made, was losing the played out habit of throttled and repetitive guitar work, and instead replaced it with trotting rhythms and haunting harmonies. This one act allows the drummer to cover a wider range of movements and it almost gives a Death Metal tone while keeping it truly Black at the same time.


So, whether you agree that Black Metal has become stagnant over the years or you’re preparing a long and drawn out speech about just how wrong we are, Seraph In Travail‘s talent, innovation, and god given skill cannot be argued. Haters, we await your emails.



4/5 Horns





\m/That Metal Fan\m/

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Death Metal “By The Gods”

In our never ending search for the next great Death Metal band to cover, we found ourselves looking in the most unlikely of places, Tucson. Wait… Tucson? That can’t be right… Really?? By The Gods comes to us from the Southern Arizona town with their self-titled demo and we put the band under the TMF microscope. Well, here’s hoping.

Released on July, 3rd, everything from the band’s name to their imagery suggests an air of Metalcore and for some of you, it will be enough to get stuck in your ways about it. I can’t necessarily say I blame you for the assumption. We, however, were pleasantly shocked to find some intense modern style Death Metal elements throughout the demo. In our book, the band has done the work to earn the title and here’s why: While at first pass the guitar seem slightly muddied and mismatched in tone to what’s going on, it’s this slightly higher tone that keeps the bands breakdowns from entering into the danger zone of overly played out Djent B.S.. Speaking of which, boys and girls, please take note of this. By The Gods have proven you can have a heavy break in the middle area of your song without sacrificing substance by going with the status quo of scooping out that often left behind element of talent.

Vocally, i really love what the band has done. Every word is screamed with the intensity and conviction of a thousand dying souls shouting out their final thoughts to the world, while sustaining a level of clarity and annunciation that make for lyrics even your mother will be able to understand. To be completely honest, the only problem I have on this demo is a minor volume issue with both the vocals and a few of the drum mics, but thats probably just me being hypercritical.


I guess this is the part where everyone points and looks down their noses at their computer screens while saying, “Never judge a book…” You know what, you are 100% correct. It turns out that even the most dirt filled deserts can be home to the brightest of diamonds and thanks to By The Gods, I’ve relearned that lesson.

Interested In Learning Yourself? Well Then I Guess Its A Good Thing We Posted Links Where You Can Find The Band And Not Only Stream This Demo, But Download It For Free At The Bottom Of This Page, Huh?

4.5/5 Horns



\m/That Metal Fan\m/

To listen to By The Gods and download their new demo for free go here—->


To follow the band head here—->


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Voices of Ruin- “Eurocan Death Metal”?

Have you ever found yourself listening to some American Heavy or even Death Metal and wondered how killer it would sound with some European epicness to it? Or maybe you were jamming out to some Black Sabbath and thought it could use some American edge. In either case, as usual, we have you covered with California natives, Voices of Ruin.

These Death Metal geniuses meld perfectly together the best elements from both sides of the Atlantic to create what we are now calling Eurocan Death Metal, patent pending. The not so down tuned guitars make for an almost Iron Maiden style pitch and tone while borrowing heavy from a page out of Amon Amarth‘s book with catchy yet very heavy riffs. The percussion section screams with Devil Driver influences with its relentlessly driving double bass, and hints slightly at Chris Adler‘s control and finesse with the sticks. The vocals aren’t a very easy element in this band to describe. They have potential to be killer with some more power behind them but I don’t necessarily hear one particular influence, which is actually quite nice. Being uncomfortable isn’t always such a bad thing kids.

From Voice Of Ruin Facebook
From Voice Of Ruin Facebook

Eurocan Death Metal may not be a “Thing“, but if it were Voices of Ruin would be at its forefront. The band is currently in studio working on their next release and we have some quite convenient links below you can use to check these guys out. Don’t be lazy, and as always….

4/5 Horns


Keep It metal,

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