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The Most Metal Day of The Year With “Tormenter”

July 24th, 2015 is a date that has solidified itself as nothing short of monumental for the metal world. On the one hand, a record that undoubtedly helped to shape the course of metal into what we see today dropped on this day in 1990. The 25th anniversary of Pantera‘s Cowboys From Hell serves as a humble reminder of just how far our genre has come since the days of hair metal and also, in the words of one Mayhem Festival founder, just how “Old, Fat, and Bald”, we have all Become. On the other hand, the long awaited studio return from Lamb Of God has finally dropped. Coincidentally, Sturm Und Drang finds its release date coinciding with the launch of the Summers Last Stand Tour which sees Lamb Of God setting out to absolutely destroy North America with Slipknot.

Just in case all of this isn’t enough to get your cold metal blood pumping, today also sees La Puente, California‘s Tormenter re-releasing their sophomore album Prophetic Deceiver on Static Tension Recordings. While the band being signed to a label is something we highly commend, the music is what we are all here for, so lets get this started.


I can sit here and tell you how the albums recording quality is immaculate, the guitars are tight, the vocals and drumming is the “Bees-Frickin-Knees”, but you won’t truly grasp the abundance of kick ass Tormenters Prophetic Deceiver has to offer. So instead, let’s try this: Close your eyes and picture, if you will, Slayer and Exodus having a musical baby. Got it? GREAT! Now imagine Obituary and Ascendancy era Trivium have a musical child of their own. These two babies grow up together, they fall in love with one another, then during a night of sweat whips and passion, the condom breaks. The ensuing serial killer, i mean… baby, with its sweet guitar licks and unstoppable double bass would get you in the ballpark of the absolute madness that is Tormenter.


Pantera milestone, a Lamb Of God milestone, and now a Tormenter milestone. We here at TMF are making it official. July 24th, 2015 is the most metal day of the year. Check out the links below to find everything Tormenter.

5/5 Horns



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“Trecelence”- Bay Area Does It Again

We’ve had countless bands come to us from the Bay Area in California and Americas Thrash hub seems incapable of letting us down. Well, at least not in the talent department anyways. In the mixing and recording department the region isn’t always topping the charts. Whether it’s due to a lack of recording talent in the area or just a matter of funds for the bands in that scene, Santa Rosa locals Trecelence seem to have fallen into this unfortunate category of bands.

Straight from the gate it becomes clear what I mean by lack of recording talent. Even for Thrash things seem just a little too loose. The difference in timing between the left and right guitars, however small of a difference it may be, makes for a very confusing sonic experience. Volume settings seem to be highly sporadic as well which only adds to the confusion. At one point it sounds as though someone is running from the vocalist with his microphone and he catches him and then looses him and then catches him again. Visually its pretty entertaining to imagine but the ears don’t agree with the imagination.


In Terms of talent, musically these cats bring it. Regardless of the lack of full spectrum clarity on the drum tracks, it is apparent the guy is absolutely hammering down on his set. The dual guitarists both seem to be competing with one another to play the lead because, well, they are both just that good. While it makes for a good show, this battle between the two translate to a scooped out rhythm section that requires some skill out of your bassist and luckily they have found a true beast for the job.


The recordings may be a bit of an anchor that are slowing the band down from making some real waves in the communities outside of their bubble, but they posses the raw talent and spark necessary to make up for it. My suggestion to anyone in the Bay Area is to forget listening to the MP3’s and just head out to a show. For those of you readers located outside of Thrash hub, proceed with caution and make your way there on vacation.

2.5 Horns



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To listen to Trecelence and check out there show calendar go here—>

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Voices of Ruin- “Eurocan Death Metal”?

Have you ever found yourself listening to some American Heavy or even Death Metal and wondered how killer it would sound with some European epicness to it? Or maybe you were jamming out to some Black Sabbath and thought it could use some American edge. In either case, as usual, we have you covered with California natives, Voices of Ruin.

These Death Metal geniuses meld perfectly together the best elements from both sides of the Atlantic to create what we are now calling Eurocan Death Metal, patent pending. The not so down tuned guitars make for an almost Iron Maiden style pitch and tone while borrowing heavy from a page out of Amon Amarth‘s book with catchy yet very heavy riffs. The percussion section screams with Devil Driver influences with its relentlessly driving double bass, and hints slightly at Chris Adler‘s control and finesse with the sticks. The vocals aren’t a very easy element in this band to describe. They have potential to be killer with some more power behind them but I don’t necessarily hear one particular influence, which is actually quite nice. Being uncomfortable isn’t always such a bad thing kids.

From Voice Of Ruin Facebook
From Voice Of Ruin Facebook

Eurocan Death Metal may not be a “Thing“, but if it were Voices of Ruin would be at its forefront. The band is currently in studio working on their next release and we have some quite convenient links below you can use to check these guys out. Don’t be lazy, and as always….

4/5 Horns


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The Unobstructed- (Band Review)

Today brings us a band out of San Pablo, California by the name, The Unobstructed. These cats may only have about five years or so under their belt as a group, (however evolving of a line up they seem to have), but they quickly earned our respect as one of the most high potential “newer” bands out on the underground Metal scene today.

I won’t even begin to try to pin a sub-genre on these cats as they boast key elements of many killer genres. And really, all that is going to do is open up the ever revolving door of trolls that seem to keep making there way over to our pages. The power riffs of the guitars coupled with the stellar performance the band is getting out of its lady behind the kit propel this band into the Thrash world right out of the gate. In major contrast, The Unobstructed features vocals that without a doubt in my mind is the closest comparison to Melodic Death Metal vocalist, Alexi Laiho who of course handles vocals and guitar duties for the mighty, Children of Bodom. Now, it may come with the lack of years, maybe it was supposed to come out this way, but I am not a fan of the guitar solo’s. I totally love the music, I get a major feel for where they are trying to go with it, but it almost seems as though there is an inconsistent choppiness and slight repetitiveness on the solos. The lead players pick hand can shell out some major speed, but his fret hand seems to stiffen and freeze which takes away from the fluidity you want in a guitar solo. It should seem effortless, not painful.

Given time to grow as a group, a few more shows under their belt, money for some longer time in the studio, and every musicians best friend; practice, The Unobstructed have the ingredients to do something great here. I look forward top watching this band develop and I sincerely hope to hear more material from them soon.

4/5 Horns



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Check out The Unobstructed Here—>  https://facebook.com/pages/The-Unobstructed/176043995773654

Listen top them Here—>  www.reverbnation.com/theunobstructed

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