Danzig Has Fan Severely Beaten


Most of us in the Metal community are aware of the dangers we are going to face when going to a show. Even outside of the pits, things can happen that would cause some degree of harm. None of us, however, expect to be brought on stage to face that danger. Unfortunately for Ireland native, Neil Dalton, that’s exactly what happened to him at last night’s Danzig show at The Metropolis in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Reportedly, Mr. Dalton ignored the band’s stiff warning prohibiting any video, audio, or pictures being taken at any of his shows during his current tour. (In all honestly, we here at That Metal Fan can’t blame him for trying though, after all, he did fly from Ireland and spend $100 on tickets just to attend the show.) Upon being seen taking a picture of Glenn Danzig, the lead singer for Danzig, Mr. Dalton was brought on stage where he claims to have been tells by security and then beaten. As if the injuries weren’t enough, Mr. Danzig decided to add some insult by throwing in a punch himself. Below is a picture of the bloody aftermath.


Regardless of Glenn Danzig’s violent tendencies towards just about everyone, as proven by several accounts and video, Montreal police have reportedly not pressed charges stating that as there was no video evidence, (go figure), there is no proof.


That Metal Fan has reached out to all parties involved and will keep you updated as more information becomes available.


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