Serial Date Rapist In Brisbane Metal Scene?

The power of close knit metal communities never ceases to amaze me. Chances are, at one time or another you too have witnessed this for yourself. Whether it be a promoter giving a band the shaft and needing to be blackballed or a member of our metal family coming into some hardship and needing a lending hand, the metal world has a special and unique way of coming together and getting done those things that need to get done. It is this same efficiency and strength in metal brotherhood that the Brisbane, Queensland, Australia scenes have demonstrated following a reportedly horrific incident occurring during a show at The Back Room at Chardons Corner Hotel on August 7th 2015. In spite of the efforts of the local scene in Brisbane, not enough has been done to uncover the name of the alleged culprit and that is why we here at TMF call on each and every one of you to help spread the word on this incident in an effort to gain some answers and justice, as well as raise awareness in the metal community about the heinous and atrocious acts of the low life’s that walk this earth. The following is a description of the events said to have taken place on the night in question.

Flyer for the show where the events were said to have occurred.
Flyer for the show where the events were said to have occurred.

Allegedly, sometime during the show, a young woman by the name  [Name withheld per the victims request] had an unknown drug slipped into her drink which caused her to lose consciousness as well as vomit multiple times, which was likely her body trying to expel the drug. If not for a few good Samaritans noticing her distress and coming to her aid, later calling the ambulances that took the victim to a local hospital, we very well might have been writing a memorial for her instead of this call to action.

The Back Room @ Chardons Corner Hotel
The Back Room @ Chardons Corner Hotel

We are very happy to report that the victim has been released and is currently getting well at her home at this time, however, the story took a strange turn on the day following the incident when she received a Facebook message regarding the events that had taken place.


The above picture shows a screenshot taken by the victim of the messaged she received from a Chloe Jane Bartoli. In her message, Ms. Bartoli states that she in fact knows the person responsible for her drink being “spiked” and it wasn’t the first time the accused had committed the illegal act. Ms. Bartoli goes on to say that she unfortunately cannot divulge the name of the accused as it would be too damaging to his musical reputation in the local music community.

Rumors have surfaced that Ms. Bartoli used a fake profile to send her message to the victim. While this cannot be confirmed or disputed at this time, it is clear that the profile used to send the message has been deactivated and cannot be located.

Whether a Serial Date Rapist is on the loose in the Brisbane metal scene or rather this was a one off event that unfortunately took place, it should spark outrage from the metal communities across the globe. This is an act that can take place in any scene at any time and we as Metalheads need to stand together in an effort to raise awareness, get the word out, and let the scumbags that creep in the shadows that this kind of action will not be tolerated.

If you have any information regarding this case you are urged to contact the Brisbane police immediately. Share this story with your friends, your families, and your brothers and sisters in the metal community. Together we can get justice for this and all other victims and tell the world #notmyscene


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20 thoughts on “Serial Date Rapist In Brisbane Metal Scene?”

  1. Cassie did not have her drink spiked. She is a fucking drama queen. Didn’t want people knowing she was crazy wasted. It’s pretty obvious that she made the Chloe Jane Bartoli Facebook page to send herself a message as her own back-up to show people that ‘she was spiked’ instead of admitting that she was at fault.


    1. I know Cassie well, and this comment about her making this up is a crock of shit! How dare you?! I have known Cassie for well over a decade and not once has she ever had such an experience whilst drinking, nor is she the kind of person that ever allows herself to drink so much that she is vomiting all over the place uncontrollably. The symptoms that Cassie has described to me in relation to her horrible UNEXPECTED experience scream date rape drug 100%. Where are your manners?? For you to be making such comments leaves me open to question whether you have something to do with the nasty piece of work who has done this to my friend. For all we know it could be you, and you in fact are the one posing to be someone else because you’re a filthy scoundrel who in actuality is the one who cannot own up to the truth.


  2. My girlfriend has been spiked at crowbar, my mate drunk his gfs drink and got it too. He has test results that prove it. Same with 1 more girl I no and 3 more Ive heard of. This dickheads real and hes been doing it for a long time now. He needs to be publicly shamed and reported to the police.

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  3. People who are liars, unscrupulous or sexual predators should have their karma eat their arses and entrails away ten-fold!

    Drink spiking is a very serious crime, and if I know who was responsible I would name and shame the culprit all over cyberspace.

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  4. Well i think that person is just stupid!… I mean ive been to the police and the police have taken as much info from me as possible and will go over everything to find this person… If i was to make a “fake profile” it would all link back to me!… Why would i go out of my way to report it to the police if it was to come back to me? That is just stupidity… I have been out plenty of times with friends and drank until the sun started to rise and never not once have i ever ended up in that state!… It’s good that what happened has made other people step forward and say “hey… That happened to me too!…” So im not the only person who has had their drink spiked at a metal gig!… Thank you for you’re very nasty comment whoever you are… I hope this never happens to you or anyone you know coz it was not just for me but my friends aswell a really scary experience!…

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    1. Good on you!

      This is actually unbelievable, the fact that someone knows who it is and won’t say anything!

      And this guy is bragging about it!

      You have a whole community of shocked and outraged people supporting you, don’t let the idiots and victim shamers get to you!


  5. Heard this happened last weekend at a morningside club. The lady invovled arrived to pick up her partner, had one drink and collapsed on the floor vomiting. She woke up the next morning remembering nothing. The helpful hospital staff refused to take details and just blamed her for taking drugs or giving herself alcohol poisoning. Gave her one tablet, took no tests, sat her in a hall way with a vomit bag for 3 hours. There is the reason no one reports this. Victim blaming.


    1. It’s not only victim blaming at that point but a failure of the medical community and lack of action by the police. We’ve received quite a few similar stories and one thing is clear, something needs to happen. Something needs to change.

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    2. Probably some judgmental, stereotyping medical staff seeing someone in metal attire and assuming they were a trashbag having a hard night. If this lady had been in a suit, I bet they’d take a more responsible line.


  6. Just wanted to say I’m seriously impressed by this post and the metal community’s ability to come together in solidarity at a time like this. Unfortunately some of that solidarity is mispent on the absolute piece of trash that spiked the drink — seriously, risking someone’s reputation? How is that at all equal to someone getting put in a vulnerable and dangerous situation like that?? Though it’s better something was said than nothing at all, I guess.

    Stay vigilant, look after your own and teach the predators that they have no place.

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  7. Regardless of whether it was a fake profile, or a legit profile that has been shut down, it is all traceable. Facebook is notorious for it’s data collection and keeps the ISPs of every account access – so even if it was a hacked account, it can be traced to the person that sent the message (not that I have any reason to believe it is a hacked account, just mentioning it as another way some half smart moron might think they can hide their identity).

    If the fucktard that spiked the drink has half a brain, he will hand himself in to the cops – the same goes for the halfwit that messaged Cassie.

    I am sure I am not the only one that would leave this POS unable to play an instrument ever again if I caught him in the act.


  8. As someone who had a drinked spiked in the past – picked up the wrong drink but saved some random girl from a trip to the hospital – I hope that they find this creeper who thinks it’s their right to take away another persons self control. Who ever it is needs to stop and come forward because next time your victim might not be so lucky – I was told if I was any later to the hospital I could have died cuz I was allergic to something in the drug. And if you know anything come forward by not doing so you are more of a creep than they are.


  9. I had my drink spiked 10 years ago in Brisbane and I can tell you it’s terrifying. I was drinking WATER and have never been so trashed in my life. My friends were too drunk to realise I needed to go to hospital but luckily they were mindful enough to get me home. I shudder to think what could have happened. Good luck Cassie, I hope they catch the bastard!


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