Learn To Slaughter With Corpse Hoarder

The stench of rotting flesh fills my nostrils as I take a bit of entrails from my blood stained teeth. Ecstasy in itself falls short as a just description for the full and flush electricity running through my skin. From your scalp to your kneecaps, the cornucopia of body parts strewn about the forest floor serves as a reminder of the massacre that had just taken place here. It was a night I shall never forget. The night I first heard Corpse Hoarder. The night I became a homicidal maniac.


While I may not have literally ripped apart a body piece by piece, this Philadelphia based Brutal Death Metal four piece had me feeling as though I had actively and willingly joined them in the slaughter of an innocent. From their sound to their imagery, everything about Corpse Hoarder works in unison to create pure putrid perfection. Classic scooped out guitars maintain a constant toxic viscosity suited wonderfully for the three available tracks, though nothing necessarily fancy shines through. But then again, Jason Voorhees never uttered a single word and massacred the masses for decades.


I never believed vocals to be all that important in BDM honestly. (Almost) Everything I have heard follows a formulaic mediocrity that leads to a, “how low can you go” feel and at the end of the day, you feel lucky to walk away understanding two words on the entire album. Corpse Hoarder vocalist Scruffo, (No really, look it up.), challenges this by going the extra mile and being audible while belting out intense tones. He’s essentially the creepy mortician warning you of the consequences of playing with demons only to put the demon back in it’s cage once it’s done devouring your soul.


What pushes Corpse Hoarder over the top for me is their Bass/Drum combo. Myke (Bass) berates the ever living hell out of your eardrums and it works dangerously well with Armen‘s tactical drum assault on an effort to have you bleeding out of orifices you didn’t even know you had. It’s this final one two punch that really seals everything together and ensures that at least one person in the crowd is going to be soiling themselves from fear.


If you have had a recent urge to pick up that kitchen knife and hockey mask, DO NOT listen to Corpse Hoarder. Frankly, the world has enough evil to deal with already. If you’re a sabre person that looks to constantly push the limits, then listen once. But only one. After that, TMF can’t ensure your safety and your soul may be lost to the depths of hell forever. Good luck!!


4/5 Horns

\m/That Metal Fan\m/

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